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Description: I usually hunt for hookers the old-fashioned way by physically going from bar to bar looking for a nice doe to bag. However, with the explosion of cam sites over the past few years, you can actually hunt more efficiently by spending a little time online looking for hidden gems in your area. And that’s how I came to meet big-titted bimbo Rinrada. Rinrada was a cam girl at a popular camming site, and when I saw her on-screen I knew there was a good chance this slutty exhibitionist was based in either Bangkok or Pattaya. I ended up spending about $10 worth of “coins” tipping her and getting her to show me her silicone-filled titties,, and by the end of the transaction gathered that she was based in Pattaya. I told Rinrada she could make a lot more than $10 if she came by my apartment tonight and took care of my cock, and she agreed in a heartbeat. Score! Rinrada was actually a very pretty girl, despite having some physical evidence of having lived a tough bargirl life. And besides having a nice pair of silicone titties, she had a big, round ass that just screamed: “Breed Me!” I had been banging a lot of skinny teens lately so on this night I was craving a whore with a little extra meat on her, so to speak. Rinrada changed into one of her slutty camgirl outfits and immediately started doing her job - serving my cock! She gave a great blowjob, and when it was time to boom-boom she handled my 9-inch cock like a pro (well, I guess she WAS a pro, but that’s beside the point). She didn’t even ask for a condom which got my cock extra hard as I knew she was a prime specimen for insemination. After a number of positions, I simply couldn’t hold it anymore and had to blow my load while Rinrada was riding me, cowgirl. I grabbed both her asscheeks and bounced the sexy whore up and down on my lap, finally exploding like a geyser and delivering my life-giving sperm deep into her dripping wet cunt. She didn’t seem to mind the creampie and actually thanked me afterward. No problem Rinrada. How about you come back next week and we’ll do it again? Hehehe…..


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