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Description: For this week’s update, I wanted to introduce Nudao, a cute, sexy Thai teen who I met at a beer bar on Soi 7 in Pattaya. Soi 7 is one of my favorite sois, home to countless beer bars and a couple of gogos, and generally has a fun, relaxed atmosphere. The hookers aren’t always high quality like their Walking Street sisters, but if you are patient you can definitely find some jewels. Nudao was “working” at one of these beer bars, trying to hustle guys to play pool with her for drinks. As soon as I saw her, I knew she would be my whore for the night, so after a light round of pool where she totally kicked my ass (these girls are hustlers after all), I decided to skip the normal monger rituals and just get this whore out of the bar and into my lair…. I mean, my apartment, hehehe. I paid the barfine and ushered Nudao up the street to my place. As she was wearing street clothes, I instructed her to shower and put on some sexy demeaning stripper outfit, and she did it without batting an eye. These girls are so obedient! She came out of the shower fresh and clean, and I was immediately aroused at the way she looked in her purple see-through bikini. After fondling her young ripe breasts and tight round ass, I told Nudao to start blowing me, and she did without hesitation. Good girl! Once I was nice and hard, I instructed the whore to ride me. She didn’t even ask for a condom….she just straddled me and slipped it right in! Nothing in the world is better that having your old, worn out monger cock inside the tight, wet folds of a teenage vagina, and I had trouble holding my load. But when I started fucking her doggystyle and, eventually, in “lazy-doggy” position, I knew I couldn’t hold it anymore. I mounted her tight teen ass and just started plowing into...


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