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Description: If you like your whores skinny, pretty, and docile, then this week’s Southeast Asian fuckdoll is right up your alley! I met Nalinee a few months ago at a gogo bar and promptly brought the whore back to my apartment for some hidden cam fun. This time I wanted to shoot the pretty teen with my full entourage of equipment, and to my surprise, she agreed to let me film her for only $50! Great deal! Nalinee is a degenerate monger like me’s dream come true. She exercises every day, has a strict low-carb diet, and is determined to stay thin and skinny to please the opposite sex. She knows her customers like their whores petite and pretty, and she aims to please. And on top of that, she dutifully obeys anything a man says. In this week’s episode, I noticed Nalinee’s makeup was a little off, so I offered to help her apply another layer. After a long, hard fuck session, I blast Nalinee’s pretty teen face with a huge load of sperm and admire how pretty her “makeup” looks, hehe.


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