Tuk, 27 - Thai Squirt And Cum, Never Ends! [FullHD]

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Resolution: 1080
Format: mp4
Quality: FullHD
Duration: 00:27:11
File size: 1.79 GB
Description: SHAMELESS SHAVED FINGER-BANGING THAI SQUIRT ADDICT DESTROYS HOTEL ROOM FURNITURE With panties exposed at “hello”, a self-proclaimed hurried excitement to “see you big cawk”, and squirting her own juices within the first 5 minutes of action… this easygoing blonde Pattaya-born Thai squirt nympho is sure to rise your pressing interests 🙂 So, welcome back guys and gals, for another 3-wheeled adventure like none other. And we’re pretty sure that Mr. Mario lost his hotel damage deposit on this shameless squirter! After hopping a ride to Bangkok to cash in on an invitation to try a big dick for once, Tuk here was ready to fuck at first sight. After the obligatory dad-level joke about her name, Tuk quickly shrugged it off and had this ora of wanting to hurry up and get to fucking. Feeling this, Mario stopped the chatter and let her hastiness lead us all on an adventure. In the tuk tuk they go where she made damn good and sure everyone saw her lacy underthings and a tantalizing view of her groin. Making us all want to slide our fingers under the hem of her panty’s mound. You could almost taste her Thai squirt juices already. Tuk was trying sooo hard not to start touching herself and beg him to fuck her wet pussy right there. Hurry driver, hurry! THINGS GOT HEATED – FAST – ONCE BACK AT THE ROOM Nips, hips, and pussy were out to play before you could even catch up. After tasting herself for posterity, watch as she fires up her pussy into a thai squirt frenzy using her fingers. it was much like an orbital power tool fluttering about inside. All of this until her smooth-shaved box bucks and spits all over the place. Thought that was hot? This is only the beginning, my friends! What happens next is nothing short of a girl using that man’s dick like a masturbation tool. It’s much like those cam sluts do with suction-cupper dildos and squirt marathons. At one point, we were even concerned with all of her finger flutterings throughout the entire affair that she might not even leave some left for our boy here. A concern that, as you are about to see, was not needed at all. Her pussy was never done and it sometimes seemed like she would never stop cumming… fingers or no fingers. Just the sheer girth and sight of his manhood was enough to make her want to have another intense Thai squirt orgasm. Even if she did finally need a little help with some lube near the end of things. Squirt-juice is grippy, my friends 🙂 Sit back, unzip before you hit play (trust us, you’ll need to), and enjoy what is likely our greediest and messiest episode yet. Until next time, guys and gals, stay happy and stay horny!


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