Brooklyn Gray, Olive Glass - First Day of College [FullHD]

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Resolution: 1080
Format: mp4
Quality: FullHD
Duration: 00:36:41
File size: 1.50 GB
Description: Brooklyn Gray is an incoming freshman at college and she is having a hard time finding the place she is going to be staying. She has directions but she doesn't think it looks right but she knocks on the door anyway and is welcomed by Olive Glass, another new student. The place is gorgeous because Olive, a nervous talker, has already decorated the house in a week including her room. As the new friends continue to get to know each other, Olive just blurts out So, have you ever kissed a girl? Brooklyn acts nervous but answers that she has and that she really likes it The conversation suddenly turns into a slow burn seduction as Olive and Brooklyn both start talking in low breathy tones. The tension must be broken and suddenly they start to kiss. Playfully at first and turning more passionate and deep as time goes by, leading to an exceptionally passionate scene. Hell of a First Day of College I'd say.


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