Kira Perez - Latina Honey Gets Picked Up By Jules In Miami [FullHD]

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Description: One good way to make your vacation a success is to bump into stellar Kira Perez on Miami Beach! The sexy girl with the sweeping hind-quarters is walking down the bunny trail to wash off her sandy tootsies. Jules notices her lanyard has his logo, so he asks whats up with the free advert. Kira reveals she obtained it at AVN and she knows all about Jules Jordan Video. Perez has a lively personality to match her buttery frame. She shows off her amazing flexibility by raising a single leg and planting it on a post at eye level! This showcases her round ass-cutlets and juicy twat covered by a glittering bikini. Kira shows her exhibitionist tendencies with a little game of nipple gander. Slyly, she leaves some of it on display when placing her top back on. After a quick aerial showcasing the beach, we get back to Jules hotel with an outside deck that overlooks the ocean. Miss Perez dazzles with all that blue water behind her. She removes her bikini at Jordans request revealing a perky set, with one pierced nipple. The couple enter the room as Jules has Perez crawl with her amazing ass dipping up and down. Kira has major skills in the dick suck department. Continuously weaving long webs of slobber when she comes up for air. Jules puts Kira in missionary and he folds one of her legs all the way back to her ear. Her nethers still brimming with curves. In cowgirl, the seductresss twat flickers in rapid succession as Jordan says Dance on that dick. Reverse cowgirl is a strength of Kiras as her strong legs are able to continue a long bounce session. Doggy comes round and Perez hits some high notes. Jordan says perfect pussy filled up! with a bunch of timely spanks that redden Kiras money maker. Jules takes both of Kira's legs and brings them up to the side of her head. She grabs hold and Jordan pounds on her ass mound. Perez plunges to the floor then Jules d*s large gobs of Just for Kira cum all over her very pretty face


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